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both the Saba’iyyah legend and its originator (Saif ibn ‘Umar). Further, he throws some light on the narrations and the researchers who relied on such forgery in their historical and ideological research. The opinions of the great scholars of Islam about the in authenticity and the unreliability of Sayf ibn ‘Umar are also given.

4. The author elaborated on the evaluation of Sayf's narrations which cover events that took place between 11 A.H. and 40 A.H. (cf. at-Tabari's History. In his critical evaluation, he plotted the suspicious movements of this strange personality indicating those areas where Sayf fabricated fictitious ahadith (traditions), stories and events. Not only that, but the author points out the role of this character in distorting, deforming and annulment of great Islamic events, such events being of great significance in the structure of the Islamic history. The timing of the events in question coincided with that very critical period of the four Caliphs.

It is not an exaggeration to consider Sayf as being one of the most characters who willfully endeavored to, and succeeded in, distorting the early Islamic history.

The author started his research and critical evaluation by considering the very first narration of Sayf, namely the event of the sickness and death of the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him and his family) and the events that took place at Saqifah (during which Abu Bakr was chosen as the Caliph). The events that took place between Saqifah and the eventful assassination of Imam ‘Ali are very well documented

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حقوق مولفان و ناشران

تمامی محتوای چند رسانه ای(کتاب ،کتاب صوتی، کتاب تصویری،مجلات،روزنامه ها،مقالات،پایان نامه ها) موجود در بازار کتاب دیجیتالی قائمیه با هماهنگی و رعایت کامل حقوق ناشران ، نویسندگان و دریافت مجوز کتبی از آنان به صورت کاملا رایگان عرضه می‌شوند.


شبکه های اجتماعی بازار کتاب

بازار کتاب اولین و بزرگترین سامانه دانلود کتاب الکترونیکی رایگان بر خط با هدف در دسترس قرار دادن متون و کتب شیعه راه‌اندازی شده است. به کمک کتابخانه دیجیتالی بازار کتاب به هزاران عنوان کتاب به زبان های مختلف : فارسی ، عربی ، انگلیسی و آذری و غیره .... دسترسی خواهید داشت.

همین حالا اپ بازار کتاب را نصب کنید و کتابخانه خود را با دانلود کتاب های برتر پربار کنید.

با کلیک بر روی این لینک عضو کانال تلگرام ما شوید.