مطالعه کتاب Freedom and Causality in Contemporary Islamic Western Philosophy
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Freedom and Causality in Contemporary Islamic Western Philosophy


Author(s): Ayatullah Mohsen Araki

Category: Comparative Religion Politics Current Affairs Philosophy

Topic Tags: Free Will Contemporary Islamic Philosophy Miscellaneous information: October 2012


This text authored by Mohsen Mohammadi Araghi which addresses the topics of freewill and causality in contemporary Islamic and western philosophy and the theory of moral obligation.

This thesis is a work by Ayatollah Doctor Mohsen Mohammadi Araghi who has a degree of Doctor of Philiosophy awarded by the University of Portsmouth Regulations for the Award of Higher Degree


‘At last a wolf's whelp will be a wolf

Although he may grow up with a man’

This couplet is a well-known Iranian proverb whose first creator was the wise famous Iranian poet, Muslih Al Din Saadi Shirazi, who lived in the seventh lunar century-Hijri Ghamari- 13th century. It was used in the content of a story which was about a group of bandits who were captured after hard efforts of the King’s soldiers and the King ordered their death. Among them was a very young man towards whom the King’s vizier felt pitiful and asked the King to forgive him because of his juvenility and requested to be granted his care in order to train him and familiarize him morals and raise him with worthy behaviour.

At first, the King did not agree however due to the persistence of the Vizier, the king finally surrendered to his request and forgave that young person’s sin and left his training and reformation into the Viziers hand.

The Vizier endeavoured to educate

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