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Istikhara: seeking the best from Allah (swt) significance


Author(s): Muhammad Baqir Haideri

Translator(s): Shaykh Saleem Bhimji

Publisher(s): Islamic Humanitarian Service (IHS)

Category: General

Topic Tags: Istikhara Miscellaneous information:nbsp;Istikhara: Seeking the Best from Allah (swt)


Muhammad Baqir Haideri

Translated by:

Saleem Bhimji

Published by:

Islamic Humanitarian Service, Canada

ISBN 964-438-370-2

Congress Classification: BP272/5 ح9الف504952 1385

Dewey Classification: 297/79

National bibliography numbers: 1036254


سرشناسه : حیدری، محمد باقر، 1305-

Haidari, Muhammad Baqir

عنوان قراردادی : استخاره: آثار، آداب و انواع آن. انگلیسی

عنوان و نام پدیدآور : Istikhara: seeking the best from Allah ( swt ) significance: methods and types in the light of forty hadith and the views of the ulama\ written by Muhammad Baqir Haidari; translated by Saleem Bhimji; editor Arifa Hudda.

مشخصات نشر : Qum: Ansariyan Publications, 2006 = 1385.

شابک : :964-438-370-2

یادداشت : انگلیسی - عربی

یادداشت : کتابنامه: به صورت زیر نویس

آوانویسی عنوان : استخاره: سیکینگ د بست فرام ...

موضوع : استخاره.

موضوع : استخاره -- احادیث.

شناسه افزوده : بهیمجی، سلیم Bhimji, Saleem ،مترجم

شناسه افزوده : هدی، عارفه Hudda, Arifa ،ویراستار

رده بندی کنگره : BP272/5 ح9الف504952 1385

رده بندی دیویی : 297/79

شماره کتابشناسی ملی : 1036254


A detail explanation of the true meaning of Istikhara amp; it's proper usage.

A Supplication from al‑Sahifah al‑Kamilah al‑Sajjadiyah

A selection from al‑Sahifah al‑Kamilah al‑Sajjadiyah of al ­Imam 'Ali ibn al‑Husain Zain al‑`Abidin

أَللّهُمَّ إِنِّی أَسْتَخِیرُکَ بعِلْمِکَ فَصَلِّ عَلی

مُحَمَّدٍ وَآلِهِ واقْضِ لِی بِالخِیَرَه وَأَلهِمْنا مَعْرِفَه

الإِختِیار واجْعَلْ ذالِکَ إِلی الرِّضا بِما قَضَیْتَ لِما حَکَمْتَ.

"O' Allah, I ask from You the best in Your knowledge, so bless Muhammad and his household and decree for me the best! Inspire us with knowledge to choose the best and make that a means to being pleased with what You have decreed for us and submitting to what You have decided!"(1)



The Istikhara is an Islamic tradition which is strongly rooted in the culture of the Shi'a especially those of Iran, India and Pakistan. Unfortunately however, it has been noticed that most people have an incorrect view of the Istikhara and the usage of it. When an important issue comes up in their lives, without delay and pausing to stop and think and ask others for advice, they will seek guidance from the Unseen One and perform the traditional Istikhara. The person, without following the specific conditions and etiquette, will, without delay, reach for the Qur' an or a Tasbih and...

A group of these people, without even thinking about the outcome

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1- Translation from al‑Sahifah al‑Kamilah al‑Sajjadiyah by William Chittick
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