مطالعه کتاب Jurisprudence and Its Principles
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Jurisprudence and Its Principles


Author(s): Ayatullah Murtadha Mutahhari

Translator(s): Salman Tawhidi

Publisher(s): Tahrike Tarsile Quran

Category: Islamic Laws

Topic Tags: jurisprudence Fiqh Sources Miscellaneous information:nbsp;Jurisprudence and Its Principles

by Martyr Ayatullah Murtada Mutahhari

Translated by Salman Tawhidi (edited by Laleh Bakhtiar)

Published by: Tahrike Tarsile Quran P.O Box 1115 Elmhurst, New York 11373 ISBN 0-940368-28-5 Library of Congress Number: 83-050155


History and sources of jurisprudence, history of jurisprudents, as well as methods, laws, and issues relating to jurisprudence.

Translator's Introduction


In the Name of God the Merciful, the Compassionate

The importance of the holy Shari'ah of Islam is crucial. By means of it, human beings know exactly how to live in harmony with his or her Creator, with the rest of mankind, and with the rest of creation.

If we look at the proceedings of the material universe, we realize that the planets and forces of nature are all bound by fixed laws that ensure the material creation's symmetry. The animal world is also bound by such laws, and, even though animals are motivated only by their natural, "base", "worldly", "material" instincts, they too contribute to the symmetry and harmony of this planet.

The world of human beings, however, is a general exception to these observations. Reflection on the proceedings and the methods of human beings in the world shows that they are in no way in harmony with the symmetry of the universe around them. On the contrary, it shows them to be all but striving to disturb and disrupt that symmetry.


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