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Theocracy and Democracy


Authors(s): Muhammad Taqi Jafari

Category: General

Journal: Vol.1, N.1

Publisher(s): Ahlul Bayt World Assembly

Topic Tags: Shura Theocracy Democracy Islam




Theocracy and Democracy in Islam, includes discussion of Shura (Consensus)

Theocracy and Democracy

The Meaning of Theocracy


The concept of theocracy or the sovereignty of God, admittedly, would sound strange and remote in a society as today's. Centuries and ages have passed without such ideas and concepts making any impres­sion on the minds of those who have ruled and administered human societies or there being any discussion about them.

Moreover, the intel­lectual arena has been occupied by cults of sovereignty of kings or that of the people. That is why any scheme of deliverance of mankind from the bondage of egoism and self‑alienation appears vainglorious and far­fetched.

Henceforth, it is the demand of a humane and truth‑seeking logic not to surrender our search in the despair and fear of an artificial intellectual atmosphere created by power‑hungry and egocentric rulers. Undaunted by the fearsome gallery of idols, we should courageously examine every kind of beneficial and promising truth.

But before every­thing, let us try to clear up the heavy mists that lurk around the concept of Divine sovereignty and dissociate it from the many layers of prejudice and ignorance that conceal its real face. There are two elements in the term theocracy: God (theos, god) and sovereignty (Kratein, to rule). We shall examine each of them beginning with God.

1. God

Obviously the concepts forged in common minds about God, or the ideas

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