Abdullah Ibn Saba’ and Other Myths

  • Abdullah Ibn Saba’ and Other Myths
Abdullah Ibn Saba’ and Other Myths
Author(s): Sayyid Murtadha al-Askari
Translator(s): M.J.Muqaddas
Publisher(s): World Organization for Islamic Services (WOFIS)
Category: Early Islamic History
Topic Tags: Fabricated Traditions early islamic history Miscellaneous information: First edition — 1398/1978
Second edition — 1404/1984
Featured Category: Debates discussions
This book Contains these titles:
BOOK ID؛ point؛ Foreword؛ Introduction by the Translator؛ Truth Behind The Fiction؛ Introduction: The tale of ‘Abdullah bin Saba’؛ Preface؛ The Tale of ‘Abdullah bin Saba’؛ The Origin of the Tale and of the Story-tellers؛ Investigation concerning Saif and his Narrations؛ 1. Osama army؛ 2. Saqifah؛ 3. Reddah (Heresy)؛ 4. Malik Bin Nowaira؛ 5. ‘Ala΄ Bin Hazrami؛ 6. Barking of Hawa’b's dogs؛ 7. Ziad's family tree؛ 8. Moghairah Bin Sho‘ba؛ 9. Abu Mhjan's Imprisonment؛ 10. Saif's Days؛ 11. Consultation and ‘Othman؛ 12. Qummadhban؛ 13. Cities invented by Saif؛ 14. Saif and the dates of the events؛ The End of Translation؛ A Note by the Editor