The Brother of the Prophet Muhammad Imam ‘Ali

  • The Brother of the Prophet Muhammad Imam ‘Ali
The Brother of the Prophet Muhammad Imam ‘Ali
Author(s): Mohamad Jawad Chirri
Publisher(s): The Islamic Center of America
Category: Early Islamic History Imam Ali Miscellaneous information: The Brother of the Prophet Muhammad: Imam ‘Ali
Author: Imam Mohamad Jawad Chirri
Publisher: Islamic Center of America (September 1, 1982)
ISBN-10: 0942778006
ISBN-13: 978-0942778007
Featured Category: Introducing the Ahlul Bayt Resources for Further Research
Person Tags: Imam Ali
This book Contains these titles:
ID book؛ point؛ Distinguished Benefactors؛ Acknowledgments؛ About The Author؛ Introduction؛ Part 1: The Imam During The Era Of The Prophethood؛ 1. The House of the Prophet Muhammad؛ 2. Members of the House of Muhammad؛ 3. The Indispensable People؛ 4. The First Muslims؛ 5. Brother and Minister؛ 6. The Redeemer؛ 7. ’Ali's Role in Building the Islamic State؛ 8. At Badr؛ 9. At Uhud؛ 10. The Moat؛ 11. At Kheibar؛ 12. Announced Brotherhood؛ 13.’Ali's Place from the Prophet in the Qur'an؛ 14. The Mawla of the Muslims؛ 15. Unfulfilled Will of the Prophet؛ Part 2: The Imam During The Era Of The Three Caliphs؛ 16. Abu Bakr Succeeds؛ 17.’Ali Views the Succession؛ 18. Abu Bakr Names a Successor؛ 19. ‘Umar Succeeds؛ 20. The Electoral Convention؛ 21. Uthman’s Reign؛ Part 3: Imam ‘Ali In His Own Era؛ 22. The Election of the Imam ‘Ali؛ 23. The Battle of Basra؛ 24. The Alleged Conspiracy؛ 25. The Battle of Siffin؛ 26. Al-Khawarij (The Seceders)؛ 27. Martyrdom؛ 28. The Imam's Policy Concerning Public Funds؛ 29. Was the War of Siffin Inevitable?؛ 30. Did the Imam Exercise His Rule as a Preacher?؛ 31. Why did the reign of the Imam not last long?؛ Part 4: The Caliphate in The Islamic Law؛ 32. Should the First Caliphate Have Been Established by Inheritance Popular Election or by the Prophet's Selection?؛ 33. Had What Ought to Be Done Been Done?؛ 34. The Home Conference؛ 35. The Hadith of the Analogy "You Are to Me Like Aaron to Moses"؛ 36. The Hadith of Performance and Delivery؛ 37. Hadith Al-Thaqalain (The Two Valuables)؛ 38. The Hadith of the Wilayah؛ The Conclusion؛ Glossary؛ Bibliography