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When Power and Piety Collide

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This book is written by Sayyid Moustafa Al-Qazwini and printed in Canada by Friesens Corporation. The author argues in the book about the early history of Islam from different aspects and mentions the routs of difference of Shia and Sunni schools of thought. It is a critical analysis of early caliphate in Islam in order to understand the present by knowing the past in-depth study and analysis of the early Islamic history and caliphate and personalities of the first three caliphs based on Sunni sources. 

The book has ten chapters as following:


Chapter 1: Smashing the Idols of Tribalism

Chapter 2: Quraysh Group

Chapter 3: The Saqifah Union

Chapter 4: Political Policies of Quraysh

Chapter 5: Backlash

Chapter 6: Transition of the Group

Chapter 7: Prohibition of Transcribing the Hadith

Chapter 8: Legacy of the Quraysh on the Hadith

Chapter 9: Arduous Truth

Chapter 10: The Ummah Fractures



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