Perfect Man

The Perfect Man is a book which contains the text of Mr.Motahari's lectures which were given in 1353 (solar) before a group of college. These lectures were given in a situation which social orders were more important than spiritual aspect of Islam.

The martyred master through his comprehensive attitude has set these issues to introduce the complete human in Islam, the multi-dimension human which contains all orders of divine religion and to prevent youngsters from one-dimension view to Islam.

The manner of the author has been a comparative one which clarifies the thought of Islam in comparison to other religions.

What's the meaning of complete human? What do other religions define it?

What are the ways to know the complete human?

What are the criterion of other religion?

What does Islam introduce as a criteria for completion of human and which human is known complete?

What are the spiritual and mental flaws of human?

Can we accept the meaning of the famous sentence "Worshiping is nothing but serving people"?

The author after investigating different thoughts in religions about complete human, criticizes them and then states Islam thought.

Investigating and criticizing thought of mysticism

Investigating and criticizing thought of rationalism

Investigating and criticizing thought of school of power

Investigating and criticizing thought of school of love

Investigating and criticizing thought of socialism


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