مطالعه کتاب A Probe Into the History of Ashura
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A Probe into the History of Ashura'


Author(s): Dr. Ibrahim Ayati

Publisher(s): Islamic Seminary Publications; Karachi - The Islamic Republic of Pakistan

Category: Imam al-Husayn and Karbala

Topic Tags: Ashura Muharram Karbala

Featured Category: Resources for Further Research Responses to Misconceptions Shia beliefs explained

Person Tags: Imam Husayn (a)


A history of the events leading to and including the tragedy of Karbala, and its aftermath.


The tragedy of Karbala is an unparalleled event of the history of mankind. The great sacrifice made by Imam Husayn, the grandson of the Holy Prophet, on Ashura (the l0th of Muharram 61 A.H.) and the steadfastness shown by him is a beacon of light for everyone who has faith in his mission and is keen for its success.

When one studies the bewildering events of this incident, a number of questions arise in one's mind such as: What was the purpose of Imam Husayn's rising? Did he want to avoid taking oath of allegiance to Yazid or did he take this step in response to the invitation received from the people of Kufa? Did he wish, in the current terminology, to bring about a revolution?

Did he know that he would be killed or was he under the impression that his life would be spared? Did he act according to a predetermined plan or took decisions in the light of every new development?

When he received the news of the martyrdom of Muslim bin Aqil while he (Imam Husayn) was on his way to Kufa why did he suggest to

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