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A Shi'ite Anthology

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Title: A shi'ite anthology

Author(s): Sayyid Muhammad Husayn Tabatabai

Translator(s): William C. Chittick

Publisher(s): Qum: Ansariyan Publications, 1989= 1368.

Appearance: 152 p

Congress Classification: BP211/5/ش9 1368

Dewey decimal classification: 297/4172

National bibliography number: M75-921


عنوان و نام پدیدآور : A shi'ite anthology/ selected and with a foreword by Sayyid Muhammad Husayn Tabatabai; translated with explanatory notes by William C. Chittick; under the direction of and with an introduction by Seyyed Hossein Nasr.

مشخصات نشر : Qum: Ansariyan Publications, 1989= 1368.

مشخصات ظاهری : 152 ص.

یادداشت : انگلیسی.

یادداشت : کتابنامه: ص. [142]- 143.

یادداشت : نمایه.

آوانویسی عنوان : شیعت...

موضوع : شیعه امامیه -- عقاید

موضوع : شیعه -- تاریخ

شناسه افزوده : طباطبائی، سیدمحمدحسین، 1281 - 1360.، مقدمه نویس

شناسه افزوده : Tabatabai, Sayyed Muhammad Husayn

شناسه افزوده : چیتیک، ویلیام سی.، 1943 - م.، مترجم

شناسه افزوده : Chittick, William C.

شناسه افزوده : نصر، حسین، 1312 -

شناسه افزوده : Nasr, Seyyed Hossein

رده بندی کنگره : BP211/5/ش9 1368

رده بندی دیویی : 297/4172

شماره کتابشناسی ملی : M75-921


Despite the vast amount of scholarship carried out by Western orientalists since the nineteenth century and the analyses and translations made of various Islamic sources, very little attention has been paid thus far to the collection of religious sayings, sermons, prayers, proverbs and didactic expositions which comprises the corpus of Hadith as understood by Twelve Imam Shi'ite Muslims.

It is of course true that much of the substance of the Shi'ite hadith collection resembles the Sunni collection,(1) and to the extent that the latter has been studied the former has also been dealt with in an indirect manner. But in as much as Shi'ite hadiths possess a form, style and "perfume" of their own, no indirect treatment of their substance and content can replace the direct translation and analysis of this collection itself.

It is

p: 1

1- There are six canonical collections in Sunni Islam which have been accepted by the whole community since they were first compiled in the second and the third Islamic centuries. These collections, referred to al-Sihah al-sittah, the Six Correct Collections, are associated with the names of great scholars of Hadith such as Bukhari, Muslim, etc. Of these, the most famous is that of Bukhari, which has been translated into English (Sahih al-Bukhari: Arabic-English, by Muhammad Muhsin Khan, Islamic University, Madina; second revised edition, Ankara, 1976). The vast concordance of Hadith by Wensinck, Mensing et al. (Leiden, 1936-69) is based on these six collections.
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