مطالعه کتاب Abdullah Ibn Saba’ and Other Myths
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Abdullah Ibn Saba’ and Other Myths


Author(s): Sayyid Murtadha al-Askari

Translator(s): M.J.Muqaddas

Publisher(s): World Organization for Islamic Services (WOFIS)

Category: Early Islamic History

Topic Tags: Fabricated Traditions early islamic history Miscellaneous information: First edition — 1398/1978

Second edition — 1404/1984

Featured Category: Debates discussions


In this book, the author begins by describing both the Saba’iyyah legend and its originator (Saif ibn ‘Umar). Further, he throws some light on the narrations and the researchers who relied on such forgery in their historical and ideological research. The opinions of the great scholars of Islam about the inauthenticity and the unreliability of Sayf ibn ‘Umar are also given.


1. We are pleased to announce, thanks due to the Almighty Allah for his guidance, the publication of a complete English translation of the first volume of the Arabic book entitled ‘Abdullah ibn Saba’ and Other Myths written by the great scholar as-Sayyid Murtadha al-’Askari. Brother Jawad Muqqadas undertook the translation.

2. The research in this book centers around those historical narrations compiled by Sayf ibn ‘Umar al-Tamimi al-Usayyid, who lived in the second century after Hijrah. These narrations are to be found in his books covering the early Islamic events.

The contents of the two volumes of the book ‘Abdullah ibn Saba’ merely represents one part of a series dealing with Sayf ibn ‘Umar's narrations, stories and quotations. The second book in the series “One Hundred and Fifty Fictitious Companions of the Prophet” has also been published in Arabic and also consists of two volumes.

3. In this book, the author begins by describing

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