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Ahadith of Imam Sadiq (a.s)

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Ahadith of Imam Sadiq (a.s)

The sayings of the sixth Imam of Shia

Digital publisher: Specialized Center of Ghadirestan

Date: 1434 lunar year

Isfahan, Iran



Indeed, no one is able to encompass the words of Abfl Abd Allah, and the pages are not able to contain them. How many their origins are! How abundant their branches are! Anyhow, here, we want to mention only four chapters. They are: the orations, the sermons, the commandments, and the wise sayings. Surely, in them are the hopes of the pioneer, the quenching of the thirsty, and the life of the soul. I did my best to collect and choose them from the best books and chosen volumes.


No one has reported that AbU Abd Allah went up on the pulpits for guidance. In the meantime his conditions did not suite him to address the masses. Still, to the best of my ability in researching, I have found two orations- one is long; the other is short.

The first oration is of two parts: (the first part) is about the outstanding merits of the Prophet. This part is his following words’[1]: So, their great sins and their ugly acts did not prevent our Lord (for His clemency, His tolerance, and His mercy) from choosing for them the most lovable one of His prophets and the most honorable one of them, Mohammed bin Abd Allah, may Allah bless him and his family. In the most exalted place of glory was his birth. In the tree of nobility was his origin. Not mingled was his ancestry. Not mixed was his lineage. Not unknown with the people of knowledge was his quality. The prophets brought glad tidings (to people) about him in their deacription. The wise men considered him carefully with their qualification. He was unapproachable educated one ‘peerless Hashimy, and matchless Abtahy. His trait was modesty and his nature was liberality. He was naturally disposed for the burdens of the Prophethood and its good manners’, having the inborn characteristics of the mission and its dreams till the causes of the powers of Allah led him to their times and the destiny put into effect with the permission of Allah to their ends through him, the inevitable destiny of Allah led to their purposes. Every nation brought good news about him to (the nation) after it. And every father pushed him to father from one BACK to BACK. And marriage did not impure him at his birth. From Adam to his father Abd Allah, he was in the best group, the noblest tribe, strongest family, the safest pregnancy gentlest lap. Allah chose him, was pleased with him, and selected him. He gave him keys of knowledge, wisdom their fountains. He sent him as mercy for people and as spring for the country. Allah sent down the Book to him. In it (the book) there are eloquence and explanation. (It is) Arabic Koran without crookedness that they may guard (against evil). He (Allah) already explained it to men, detailed its method with knowledge, explained the religion, ordained (religious) duties, limited and explained punishments for people, disclosed and declared matters for his creation In them (the matters), there is a direction to salvation and marks Summon (men) to guidance. So, Allah’s Apostle propagated what he was sent to do, declared what he was ordered to, and fulfilled the burdens of prophethood. He was patient for his Lord, waged holy war in His way, loyal to his nation, summoned them to Salvation, urged them (to read)the Koran, showed them the way of guidance with methods and reasons, (which) he founded their foundation for people, and ways which he proved for them that they will not go astray after him, and he was compassionate and merciful to them.’[2]

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