مطالعه کتاب Ain-Al Hayat The Essence of Life
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Ain-Al Hayat, The Essence of Life


Author(s): Allamah Muhammad Baqir Al-Majlisi

Translator(s): Sayyid Tahir Bilgrami

Publisher(s): Ansariyan Publications - Qum

Category: General God amp; His Attributes Companions General General Miscellaneous information: First Edition 1425-2004-1383

ISBN-10: 9644386388

ISBN-13: 978-9644386381


‘Ain-Al Hayat عین الحیاه

The book begins with the biographical descriptions of some of the truest Companions of The Prophet (S), namely, Salman Farsi, Abu Dharr Ghifari and Miqdad Al-Aswad.

Then in each chapter he picks up various themes related to the Existence of Allah SWT, His creation of the universe, the angels, His Attributes, Prophethood, followed by Imamah, The Day of Judgment, the value and rewards of good deeds etc. Allama Majlisi elaborates upon the aqaeed (tenets of beliefs) in their various ramifications and shows us how to attain total devotion to Allah SWT.

One chapter is devoted to the benefits of reciting The Quran as a whole and verses from various chapters. There is also very good advice about dealing with rulers and about helping one’s brethren in faith, examples from the lives of Imam Husain (as) and Imam Zaynul Abideen (as) as well as supplications to be recited after each salaat and before going to bed.

Negative behavioral traits that show the degree of one’s belief and faith are listed and discussed. These include, inter alia, lying, greed, backbiting, false allegations, pride etc. The book also includes various supplications to be recited after each prayer, especially the tasbeeh and its merits. The book concludes with The Prophet’s Will concerning Abu Dharr, the most truthful person.

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