مطالعه کتاب Ammar Ibn Yasir (ra) - A Companion of the Prophet ('s)
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Ammar Ibn Yasir (ra) - A Companion of the Prophet ('s)


Author(s): Sadruddin Sharafuddin al-Amili

Publisher(s): Islamic Seminary Publications

Category: Companions Prophet Muhammad

Topic Tags: Companion Makkah

Person Tags: Ammar ibn Yasir Prophet Muhammad


Biography of Ammar ibn Yasir by Sadruddin Sharafuddin al-Amili



History is like a ship which has accommodated within itself the caravan of mankind. During its long journey it comes across some sensational moments which are called the turning points of history in the sense that during transition from one condition to another, which is a prerequisite of its journey, the movement of time, on some particular occasions, undergoes a special change and evolution, and this change manifests itself in an attractive and delicate form. Appearance of such a condition is the consequence of contact with such a turning point.


Undoubtedly the most sensational summit of history and its most subtle turning point was the moment when the elders of the tribe of Quraysh made an offer to the Prophet of Islam, the greatest leader of mankind, saying, "If you desire status, ruler ship, wealth and luxurious life we are willing and ready to place all these things at your disposal, provided that you don't malign our gods, don't interfere with our traditions, regulations and beliefs; and abandon the call which you have commenced."


When this offer was made, the Prophet (S) remained silent for a moment and then replied: "If you place the sun on my right hand and the moon on my left I will not forsake the mission which has been entrusted

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