مطالعه کتاب An Inquiry About al Mahdi And The Last Luminary
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An Inquiry About al Mahdi And The Last Luminary


And We desired to bestow a favor upon those who were deemed weak in the land , and to make them the Imams (Leaders of mankind) , and to make them the heirs . (Quran , 28 : 5)


The magnificent and auspicious celebration of the fifteenth of Sha�ban can be observed everywhere . Every place has been decorated . In every place joyful and cheerful gatherings can be seen . The enthusiasm and happiness of the Shiites on this auspicious day is apparent everywhere .

Indeed , what day is revered like this day by people with such elation and glory ?

The fifteenth of Sha�ban is the day in which the Shiites saw the fulfillment of the glad tidings of the divine messengers . It is the day in which the good news of Islam , the Quran and the traditions (ahadeeth) of the infallible Imams will take place .

It is on his birthday that he will bring the east and west of the world to justice , and by his powerful hand annihilate demons (�ifrit) , infidelity and irreligiousness .

On this day , the authority of the Last Luminous Jewel of Allah will be established on the face of the earth . He it is who will decide the end of the long struggle between truth and falsehood . His appearance will mean a victory for truth and the annihilation of falsehood .

He is the same person who , by the will of Allah , will overpower fragile doctrines , and will pursue and

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