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Al-Muraja'at: A Shi'i Sunni Dialogue

Author: Sayyid Abdul- Hussain Sharafud-Din al-Musavi

Translated from the Arabic by: Yasin T.al-Jibouri

Publisher: Ansariyan Publication- Qum

Second Reprint 1380- 2001- 1422

Tired Reprint 1384- 2005- 1426

Thaminul Aiemma Press Quantity: 2000

No. of pages: 568



A Shi'i-Sunni dialogue

(also known as 'The Right Path')

Sayyid 'Abd al-Husayn Sharaf al-Din al-Musawi

Translated from the Arabic by

Yasin T. al-Jibouri

Published in May 1994 by the Imam Husayn (as) Islamic

Foundation Beirut, Lebanon

Main Index

Preface Author's Biography Introduction and Foreword Letter 1

I Greeting the Debater,

II Asking Permission to Debate. Letter 2

I Greetings Reciprocated,

II Permission to Debate Granted. Letter 3

I Why do Shi`as not Uphold the Majority's Sects?

II The Need for Unity,

III Unity Achieved Only by Adhering to the Majority's Sects. Letter 4

I Juristic Proofs Mandate Adherence to the Sect

of Ahl alBayt,

II There is No Proof for Mandating Adherence to

the Majority's Sects,

III Generations of The First Three Centuries Never Knew Those Sects,

IV Possibility of Ijtihad,

V Unity can be Achieved by Respecting Ahl alBayt's

Sect. Letter 5

I Admitting Our Argument,

II Asking for Detailed Proofs. Letter 6

I References to Proofs Mandating Following the


II The Commander of the Faithful (as) Invites to

Ahl alBayt's


III Relevant Statement of Imam Zainul`

Abidin. Letter 7

I Requesting Proofs from Statements by Allah and His Messenger,

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