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Eternity of Man


Author(s): A Group of Researchers

Compiler(s): A Group of Researchers - Institute of Islamic Studies (London)

Publisher(s): The Islamic Studies Press

Category: Resurrection Afterlife Philosophy

Topic Tags: The Soul Necessary existence Death Resurrection Important notice: Published in U.K., 2000 by:

The Islamic Studies Press,

Institute of Islamic Studies (London)

Affiliated to the Islamic Centre of England (London)



A philosophical discourse about the nature of eternity, and regarding man's true self (the soul) necessarily subsisting eternally.


The discussion regarding the resurrection of man after death is, in reality, an answer to a general and universal question. In addition, it is also the answer to an individual and social need, in the meaning that, with the proving and establishment of the life after death, one of the most important individual and social needs of man - and that is - the love for permanence (or love for eternity) shall be fulfilled. Most important of all, man, in the light of his belief in Resurrection and in an eternal life, becomes directed, motivated and purposeful in his worldly life and saves the priceless moments of his life from becoming aimless and without goal and direction.

From another aspect, with the clarification and understanding of the issue of Resurrection, an important historical, philosophical, scientific and social issue, and the summary of a doctrinal and religious belief, shall find itself the object of discussion and deliberation. That faith and belief which has been the object of deep attention of all the Divine religions

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