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Examples of Imam Ali’s (a.s.) Moral Virtues

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Examples of Imam `Ali’s (a.s.) Moral Virtues

Author: Allama Hussein Ansariyan

Book Source: http://www.alhassanain.com/english/

Digital Publisher: www.ghadirestan.com

An Extraordinary Example of Piety

Imam al-Sadiq has been reported by Mu`awiyah Ibn `Ammar as saying:

If there were two options for `Ali to do something for the sake of Allah, he would choose the harder. O people of Kufah, you all know that when he was ruling in this city, he used his income in Medina for living. He would put the roasted flour he ate in a bag and seal it not be mixed with anything else. Who was more pious than `Ali in the world![1]

A Jew Becomes Muslim

During Imam `Ali’s caliphate, Shurayh was the judge. The Imam came to the court with a Jew so that Shurayh will judge between them. The Imam said, “The cuirass which is in your hand is mine, for I have neither sold it nor have I given it as a present.” The Jew said, “The cuirass is mine and now it is in my hands.” Shurayh asked the Imam to present a witness. Imam `Ali said, “Qanbar (his servant) and Husayn testify that the cuirass is mine.” Shurayh said, “sons’ testimonies for their fathers are not valid nor are these of servants, for they will witness in your favor.” Imam `Ali said, “Woe to you, Shurayh! You have certainly made several mistakes. Firstly, I am your leader and you obey Allah because you obey me and you know that what I say is not false. Secondly, you claimed that Qanbar and Husayn witnessed in my favor.

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