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Fundamentals of Islam According to Quran


When I was busy for the second time writing Introduction to the Holy Quran translated by my friend , Mr . Mir Ahmed Ali , Late Mr . Mohammed Ali Khuraasaani , Internal Auditor P . I . A . , suggested me to dictate to him a brief outline of fundamentals of Islam according to Shia faith . Every now and then , whenever he had opportunity , he took dictation from me . Hardly we had finished the work , God deprived me of this sincere and zealous friend whose ambition was to introduce the teachings of Shia school of thought in English language . The religious zeal of Mr . Khuraasaani was not confined to him alone , his wife equally shared his love and devotion for the propagation of Truth . The mutual zeal of husband and wife in achievement of this holy aim was a valuable asset for our mission . Unfortunately , for some time the shock of her husband's death brought the work to a standstill . However , the work as a whole is the result of initiation of the interest of husband and wife and I have no option but to dedicate the work to them and pray God to bless them both for the services rendered by them in this Cause .

Here I have to mention another friend of mine , Mr . Syed Mohammed Murtaza who was assisting me ever since my undertaking to produce a new introduction to the Quran . Besides noting

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