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IMAM ALI (S) Sunshine of Civilized Islam

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IMAM ALI (S) Sunshine of Civilized Islam

Author: Muhammad Husayn Tahmasebi

Editor: Abdullah al-Shahin

Publisher: Ansariyan Publications – Qum

First Edition 1423-1381

Negheen Press Quantity: 2000

Number of Pages: 184 Size: 143 x 205

ISBN: 964-438-377-X



So long as three great problems of the world; the degradation of man through indigence and pauperism, the corruption of women through hunger, the ignorance and poverty existing on earth, are unsolved; so long as spuriously creating hells amid the civilization on earth and social suffocation is possible in any part of the world, the personality of Imam Ali (s) and his speeches and maxims collected in Nahj al-Bal¡ghah can not fail to be of use.

Nowadays many people of the world are in easy circumstances because of the advancement of learning and technique, but regretfully the morals and ideality are, at the same time, disappearing among them and it seems that the world is badly in need of morals and spirituality.

It is clear that the modern science is the result of a series of quarrels occurred between church and the scientists during the Dark Ages.

The people expected that church would teach them the principles of religion and would direct the society to welfare and peacefulness, but it was contrary to their expectation that the church persisted in its opinion to protect its prestige and imposition of its pretended ideas as the divine religion. It surprised every scientific movement and consequently scientists became involved in many difficulties. When they cleared the immoral acts of church, they were put to torture and finally they were badly killed.

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