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In Search of Truth


Author(s): Amina Bint al-Huda

Translator(s): M. N. Sultan

Publisher(s): Islamic Thought Foundation

Congress Classification: PJA4874/د4ب 20382 1367

Dewey Classification: 892 /736

National bibliography numbers: م 78-4807

Category: Comparative Religion

Topic Tags: M.N. Sultan revert search for truth Bint al Huda Islam a way of life Hijab

Person Tags: Amina Bint al-Huda


سرشناسه : صدر، بنت الهدی، م 1979 - 1939

Sadr, Bint al -Huda

عنوان قراردادی : [الباحثه عن الحقیقه. انگلیسی]

عنوان و نام پدیدآور : In search of truth/ by Bint -ul-Huda; translated by M. N. Sultan

مشخصات نشر : Tehran: Foundation of Islamic Thought, 1367 = [1988]م.

مشخصات ظاهری : ص 47

وضعیت فهرست نویسی : فهرستنویسی قبلی

یادداشت : ص. ع. به فارسی: در جستجوی حقیقت/ بنت الهدی؛ مترجم م. ن. سلطان.

یادداشت : عنوان اصلی: الباحثه عن الحقیقه.

عنوان دیگر : در جستجوی حقیقت

موضوع : داستانهای عربی -- قرن 20م. -- ترجمه شده به انگلیسی

شناسه افزوده : سلطان Sultan. M. N، مترجم

شناسه افزوده : بنیاد اندیشه اسلامی Foundation of Islamic Thought.

رده بندی کنگره : PJA4874/د4ب 20382 1367

رده بندی دیویی : 892 /736

شماره کتابشناسی ملی : م 78-4807


Sarah, a Christian, was in her third year of college studying for a degree in engineering. She has accepted a proposal of marriage from Mohsen, a classmate who, though Muslim, does not know anything about Islam. In order to ensure that they have a happy life together, Sarah decided to embrace Islam. Mohsen tells this story:

Chapter One

As soon as we decided to marry, we found an alim to help Sarah become a Muslim. One afternoon, we went to his house and on the way, I imagined that he was an old man with white hair and a wrinkled face. We both thought that we wouldn't understand his sermons. Sarah told me, "You must understand what he tells us!"

"Why?" I asked.

"Because you are a Muslim, too", she replied.

I answered dryly, "Oh yes, I am a Muslim".

When we reached his home, Sarah confided in me, "I'm scared!"

I myself was a bit afraid of the important step that we were about to take. It was the first time I had ever spoken with a religious man. I feared that he would label me as a deviated young man. My friends had often warned me about these religious men who oppose everything-youth, beauty, education and wealth.

Because they do not enjoy

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