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Sayyid Sharafuddeen (may Allah have mercy upon him) was a great figure of jurisprudence, jihad and Islamic unity. He spent his blessed age in the way of that. He produced a great scientific heritage and strove in his jihad for the sake of the solidarity of the umma. Neither his scientific works nor his jihad could ever be forgotten and they would serve the Islamic matter for ever.

His style in writing was distinguished with clearness, accuracy, utmost objectivity and respecting the others? opinions; therefore the hearts of his friends and enemies together were attracted to him.

He played a great role in achieving wide juristical cordiality among the different Islamic sects through his wonderful writings, from among which we chose this valuable booklet although it was small but we hoped to achieve the same high aims the author had achieved.

May Allah have mercy upon the great honored jurisprudent Sharafuddeen and may the all make use of his abundant knowledge!

Ansariyan Publications - Qum


These are juristic questions discussed in a clear and firm way. They depend upon the true evidences and follow the straight way. It is enough for them to be a result of a high learned mind and a wonderful pen depending upon the accurate scientific theories so that they are directed easily towards the bright way of rightness and assisted by those accurate theories.

This is a book among tens of books written by our honored great uncle Imam Sharafuddeen, who has supplied the Arabic library with what makes the seekers of the truth ladle

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