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Mefatih alJanan

Imam Ali's Supplication for the Morning

Allama al-Majlisi has mentioned this supplication with commentary in the book of supplications and in the book of ritual prayer of Bihar al-anwar . He says : "This is a famous supplication , but I have not found it in the authoritative works , except in the Misbah of Sayyid ibn Baqi . " He also says : "It is well-known that this supplication should be recited after the mandatory ritual prayer of the morning . But Sayyid ibn Baqi relates that it is recited after the Nafila of the morning . Either of these instructions may be followed . "

In the Name of Allah , the All-merciful , the All-compassionate

O Allah ,

O He who extended the morning's tongue in the speech of its dawning

dispatched the fragments of the dark night into the gloom of its stammering

made firm the structure of the turning spheres in the measure of its display and

beamed forth the brightness of the sun through the light of its blazing !

O He who demonstrates His Essence by His Essence transcends congeneity with His creatures and is exalted beyond conformity with His qualities !

O He who is near to the passing thoughts of opinions , far from the regards of eyes and knows what will be before it comes to be !

O He who has put me at ease in the cradle of His security and sanctuary awakened me to the favours and kindness that He has bestowed upon me and

held back from me the claws of evil with His hand and His

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