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Muslims may but Islam cannot forget Lady Khadija (s.a.)!

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Author: H. Adam


Muslims may forget but Islam cannot forget that in its infancy, it was Abu Talib and Khadija (pbut) who protected it. They made Islam invulnerable. Abu Talib protected the sapling of Islam from the tempests of misbelief and heathenism; and Khadija irrigated it with her wealth. She did not let the sapling of Islam die from draught. In fact, she didn't even let it wilt from neglect.

Protecting Islam was, for Abu Talib and Khadija (pbut), their foremost duty. Islam was their first love, and it was a love which they passed on, as their "legacy" to their children.

If they - Abu Talib and Khadija (pbut) - had protected the tree of Islam from its enemies in the lifetime of Muhammad Mustafa (peace be upon him and his pure progeny) and had "irrigated" it with vast quantities of gold and silver, their children and their grandchildren protected it from its enemies after his death and irrigated it with their blood. Their blood was the most sacrosanct blood in all creation. After all, it was the blood of Muhammad Mustafa (pbuh and his pure progeny) himself - the Last and the Greatest of all Messengers of Allah and the Chief of all Apostles and Prophets.

Khadija (pbuh) was an "eyewitness" of the birth of Islam. She nursed it through its infancy, and its most difficult and formative years. Islam was given shape and design in her home. If any home can be called the cradle of

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