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Letters of Nahj Albalaqa

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Letters of Nahj Albalaqa of Imam Ali b. Abitalib

Author: Syed Razzi

English Translator: Moulana Mufti Jafar Husain

Persian Translator: Muhamad Dashti

Published by ( the Arabic text with English translation): Ansariyan Publications / Qum

subject: nahj al balagha; imam ali; hadith

this book contains these titles:


In English

Addressed to the people of Kufah at the time of his march from Medina to Basrah. (1)

From the servant of Allah `Ali the Commander of the faithful to the people of Kufah who are foremost among the supporters and chiefs of the Arabs.

Now I am apprising you of what befell `Uthman so (correct ly) that its hearing may be like its seeing. People criticised him and I was the only man from among the muhdjirun (immigrants) who asked him to seek to satisfy (the Muslims) most and to offend them the least. As for Talhah and az-Zubayr their lightest step about him was hard and their softest voice was strong. `A'ishah too was in a rage with him. Consequently a group overpowered him and killed him. Then people swore allegiance to me not by force or compulsion but obediently and out of free will.

You should know that Medina has been vacated by its residents and they have abandoned it. It is boiling like a huge cooking pot and rebellion is fixed on its axis moving with full force. So hasten towards your amir (commander) and proceed forward to fight your enemy if so wills Allah to Whom belongs Might and Majesty.

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