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One Hundred And Fifty Lessons for Life


I dedicate this work sincerely to my parents, Zahra and Abolfazl, who did not spare any effort to help me succeed .

I also thank my husband, Reza Mohammad Husaini, who provided encouragement and help in all stages of my work .

I appreciate the valuable assistance of Mr . Ruin Naddaf in reviewing and editing this translation .

It is my earnest wish that this book would serve as a good reference for clarifying the attitudes of Islam towards different issues in this world and the hereafter .

All success comes from Allah

Monir Shafiei 10 . 12 . 2000

Contents of this book

In the name of God, the Beneficient, the Merciful

Our greatest treasures of knowledge after the divine book, the holy quran, are the practices of the prophet (s . a . w . a . ) and the valuable traditions of the household of the prophet (s . a) . These are the weighty things available to us after the demise of the prophet (s . a . w . a . ) . Adherence to them prevents man from misguidance and error .

Unfortunately, these traditions which are an ocean of sciences and knowledge are not well known yet . There are many traditions which in one short phrase speak volumes in terms of useful lessons that can solve the problems of today�s man in many different areas of life .

This book is a selection of these traditions together with a translation and a brief description . It all started with the Friday weekly interpretation discussion meetings of the Assembly

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