مطالعه کتاب Principles of Upbringing Children
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Principles of Upbringing Children


Author(s): Ayatullah Ibrahim Amini

Publisher(s): Ansariyan Publications - Qum

Category: Education Family Kids Corner Youth

Topic Tags: principles Upbringing of Children Hadith Quran


Advice for parents, supported by the Hadith and Quran, on the upbringing and training of Children.

The Translator’s Note

My friend Riaz Ahmed gave me a copy of the Urdu translation of the book to read and attempt its translation into the English language. He told me that the sponsors are keen to have the book published in the English language for the benefit of young, eligible, girls, newly married couples and expectant mothers who do not have proficiency in Persian, the language of the original text, nor can they read Urdu in which it has been translated and published.

After reading the book I am convinced that it is a highly commendable project. I feel a copy should reach every household. It should be a part of the dower of newly wed brides, it should be presented to the young married couples and it must be there on every family bookshelf. The book should adorn the bed-side table of every young couple and will be a very useful reference and guide for proper upbringing of children.

Ayatollah Ustadh Ibrahim Amini has rightly pointed out in his foreword that the western libraries are chock full of works on child rearing and upbringing, but we find hardly any comprehensive reference on the subject with particular emphasis on the Islamic norms and guidelines for upbringing of children.

The Western works

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