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Qalbe Saleem: Immaculate Conscience


Title: Qalbe saleem: immaculate conscience

Author(s): Ayatullah Sayyid Abdul Husayn Dastghaib Shirazi

Publisher(s): Qum , Ansariyan publication، 2000 = 1379.

Appearance: 382 p

Congress Classification: BP247/8/د5ق 804952 1379

Dewey decimal classification: 297/61

National bibliography number: م 84-28143

Category: Ethics

Topic Tags: Ethics Immaculate Conscience


سرشناسه : دستغیب، عبدالحسین، 1360 - 1292

Dastghaib, Abdul Hussain

عنوان قراردادی : [قلب سلیم. انگلیسی]

عنوان و نام پدیدآور : Qalbe saleem: immaculate conscience/ by Dastghaib Shirazi; translated by Athar Husain S. H. Rizvi

مشخصات نشر : QumAnsariyan publication، 2000 = 1379.

مشخصات ظاهری : ص 382

وضعیت فهرست نویسی : فهرستنویسی قبلی

یادداشت : کتابنامه به صورت زیرنویس

عنوان دیگر : قلب سلیم. انگلیسی

عنوان دیگر : Qalbe Saleem: immaculate conscience

ترجمه عنوان : (قلب سلیم ...)

موضوع : اخلاق اسلامی

شناسه افزوده : رضوی، اطهر حسین ، .Rizvi, Athar Husainمترجم

رده بندی کنگره : BP247/8/د5ق 804952 1379

رده بندی دیویی : 297/61

شماره کتابشناسی ملی : م 84-28143


An elaborate text that describes extensively the sins and diseases of the heart, as seen through the light of the Qur'an and the narrations (ahadith) of the Ahlulbayt ('a).

Mission of the Prophets


He it is Who raised among the inhabitants of Mecca an Apostle from among themselves, who recites to them His communications and purifies them, and teaches them the Book and the Wisdom, although they were before certainly in clear error. (Surah Jum’ah 62:2)

Quranic verses like the one quoted above and traditions of Ahlul Bayt show that the primary aim of sending the Prophets was to teach and train the people and to purify them.

These two things themselves have a special aim. Training and purification of self is indispensable to the perfection of humanity.

They are so closely related to each other that they cannot be separated. Both of them are required to achieve the perfection of human beings. Without them, humanity will not reach to perfection. If this were not true the Almighty Allah would not have made the aim if His Prophets as such.

Training and self-purification means knowledge and action

1) Training: Training denotes the missionary program sent by Allah and it is related to Him.

And teaches them the Book and the Wisdom. (Surah Jumah 62:2).

This portion of the verse shows that training is related to two things, 'Book' and 'Wisdom'. Actually both are one and the same. 'Book' means the knowledge of

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