مطالعه کتاب Questions on Jurisprudence
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Questions on Jurisprudence


Author(s): Abdul Husayn Sharafuddin al-Musawi

Translator(s): Liyakatali Takim

Publisher(s): Hydery Canada Ltd

Category: Islamic Laws

Topic Tags: Laws Practices Prayers Wudhu Shiism Miscellaneous information: Published by

Hydery Canada Ltd

76 Howden Road,

Scarborough, Ontario, Canada M1R 3E4

ISBN 0 9698194 2 0

First Published 1996


Masa'il FiqhiyyaExplanations of laws and practices specific to Shi'ism, including combining of prayers, saying the basmala, mut'a, and method of wudhu.

Translator's Introduction

I was first introduced to the Masa'il Fiqhiyya when I was a student in Qumm, Iran. Sayyid 'Ali Asgher Milani, the grandson of the late Ayatullah Milani, gave me a copy of the book, and urged me to translate it so as "...to let the world know the truth of the Twelver Shi'i practices."

When I read the book, I was impressed by the author's erudite and academic approach. Although he was dealing with very delicate and sensitive issues regarding Muslim liturgies, he approached them in a non-polemical, non-rhetorical and non-provocative manner. I was also impressed by his copious citations of his sources, in virtually every issue he dealt with.

I decided to translate this book as it deals with questions on ritual issues which Muslims frequently ask about. I believe that both Muslim, and non-Muslim scholars of Islam will benefit immensely from the translation of this work especially as many of them are not aware of the genesis of the Twelver Shi'i practices.

Translating a text on Islamic jurisprudence is fraught with difficulties. I have remained as faithful as possible to the original

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