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The Position of Women from the Viewpoint of Imam Khomeini (r.a.)


Translator(s): Juliana Shaw Behrooz Arezoo

Publisher(s): The Institute for Compilation and Publication of Imam Khomeinis Works

Category: Women

Topic Tags: Women Islam Position

Person Tags: Imam Khomeini


This text comprehensively outlines the Position of Women from the viewpoint of Imam Khomeini (r.a.). Starting with acknowledging the Great Women of the World, such as Hazrat Fatima Zahra, the compilation then covers the status and rights of women in Islam as well as the role of women in their families, and the Jihad of a woman, specifically giving examples from women during the time of the Islamic Revolution.


The history of mankind overflows with instances of tyrannical acts perpetrated against the deprived and meek of the earth by oppressors and men of power. Every so often, it was the oppressed who, heeding the call of a venerable descendant of the family of the prophets and saints, rose up in anger against those practicing injustice and by sacrificing their lives and enduring immense hardships allowed the people of the world to enjoy a breath of the fresh air of justice and equity.

Before very long, however, the stench from the fetid water of pride and arrogance, diffused by riches, power and deceit, once again dispersed the sweet savour of justice, stifling the justice seekers.

Women meanwhile, as half of mankind, have been made to suffer additional injustice - the description of which calls for a book thicker than that needed to record the oppression suffered by mankind in

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