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Uswat Al-Aarifeen A Look at the Life of Ayatullah Bahjat


Author(s): Yasin T. Al-Jibouri

Publisher(s): Al-Kharsan Foundation for Publications

Category: Scholars

Topic Tags: Life Teachings Scholars

Person Tags: Ayatullah Bahjat


A summary of what has been written about the dreat gnostic Ayatullah Bahjat. It includes anecdotes from his life, his teachings and the views of others.


Praise is due to Allah, Lord of the Worlds. Praise to Allah Who sent, from the gardens of His Mercy, trustees: messengers to guide people to the straight path. Then He made Imamate and Wilayat a fountainhead from which thirsty souls drink. Then He granted, from the mountain of His generosity, abundance of fiqh after the absence of His greatest wali (as) so the righteous remnant from among the seekers of the truth may quench their thirst from it.

Since that day, hundreds of years have passed. During them, many divine theologians came and went by; each one of them was like a torch that lit the path for those who tread it. Some of them earned fame; their name became prominent, whereas some of them remained unknown across these centuries. As regarding the creed's faqihs, they had another pull when they mixed biographies in the fiqh-related views with the conduct in the worlds of the unknown.

Our contemporary faqih, Ayatullah Bahjat, is one of those described by Imam Ali (as) in these words: "Great is the Creator in their hearts, so everything besides Him is in their eyes small." He is a great wise man. The light of his presence glitters

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