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Wasiyatnama, Last Will Testament


Author(s): Ayatullah Shaikh Abdulla Mamkani

Publisher(s): World Islamic Network (WIN)

Category: Death and Dying Ethics

Topic Tags: Last Will wasiyat testament

Person Tags: Ayatullah Shaikh Abdulla Mamkani


Ayatullah Shaikh Abdulla Mamkani (a.r.)'s will to his children, relatives, well-wishers and friendsThe Ayatullah's will to his children, relatives, friends, and well-wishers. Advice on achieving higher spiritual levels.



Bismillahir Rehamanir Rahim

Alhamdi Lillahe Rabbil Aalamin Wassalato Wassalamo Ala Nabiyeid-din wa Aalehi Gurral Mayamin Amma Baad.

When this weak slave Abdullah Mamkani realized this world's short life and unreliability and when he became sure that death does not give extension to anybody - you cannot delay the destined time by even a second - then I became afraid, lest

I depart from this world without teaching my son spiritual guidance! Therefore I found it necessary to write a book in the form of a 'Will' which will serve as a guidance to my children, my friends, my relatives and others who wish to get religious and worldly benefits.

It is my heartfelt desire that all my children and my religious brethrens should read this 'Will' at least once or once a month. Whosoever of my children who doesn't read this, will be considered 'Aak' in my view and there will be no hope of salvation either in this world or the hereafter. If someone draws salvation from some of the advices in this 'Will', then he should try to act on the remaining advices also, so that one day, he is strong enough to

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