مطالعه کتاب What A Muslim Should Know and Believe
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What A Muslim Should Know and Believe


Author(s): Allamah Sayyid Saeed Akhtar Rizvi

Publisher(s): Bilal Muslim Mission of Tanzania

Category: General General

Topic Tags: fundamentals Foundational beliefs Islamic Beliefs practices Miscellaneous information: What A Muslim Should Know and Believe

Sayyid Saeed Akhtar Rizvi

First Edition 1987: 5,000 Copies

ISBN 9976 956 06 1

Published by: Bilal Muslim Mission

P.O.Box: 20033

Dar es Salaam Tanzania


P.O.Box: 82058

Mombasa Kenya

Featured Category: Introducing Islam


This text, although brief and simple, is a comprehensive and detailed exposition of the main articles of Faith and all the dos and don’ts of Islam. This booklet will serve as a guide to those parents whose children are reaching the age of maturity, as well as to those missionaries who bring someone into the fold of true Islam. It would show them the minimum that their wards should believe in and act upon the moment they become baligh or are converted.


The famous scholar, (late) Shaykh Ja'far Shushtari(1) had written a small booklet, Manhaju 'rishad, dealing with some important aspects of the Fundamentals of Religion which every Muslim should know. Later, someone combined it with some other booklets of fiqh, and the collection was known as Majma'u 'r-risa'il, which served as an 'amaliyyah(2) for a long time.

When after the death of (late) Sayyid Abul-Hasan Isfihani (d. 1365/1946), the Shias oflndian sub-continent (like their brothers in other countries) did taqleed of (late) Sayyid Hussyn Brojardi (Qum), some 'ulama translated his 'amaliyyah in Urdu; among them was Sayyid Qamaru 'z-Zaman, who translated Majma'u 'r-risa'ilwith foot-notes of Sayyid Brojardi, and named it Jami'u

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1- Died in 1303; Author of the well-known book Al-Khasa'isu 'l-Husayniyyah.
2- A book containing rules of fiqh (jurisprudence; shari'ah), prepared for the use of muqallidin (followers) of a mujtahid (religious scholar having authority to give rulings on religious problems).The act of following a mujtahid is called taqleed.
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