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Author(s): Mahdi Mahrizi

Translator(s): Hasan M. Najafi

Publisher(s): Ansariyan Publications - Qum

Category: Women Marriage

Topic Tags: Women Islam Divorce Muta


Social independence of women, modern life and Islam, women in Qur'an, family rights, differences between men and women, inheritance, divorce, mut'a, and polygamy.


The Muslim woman today is restrained between two ignorances “jaahiliyyah”, one being the ignorance of the 20th century, which shows a degraded portrait of the woman, and the other being the pre­Islamic era that looks at the woman as a being more junior and of less status than the man.

The new jaahiliyyah, with the pretext of the social activity of the woman and defending her rights, calls the woman toward unknown labyrinth. And the other ignorance, under the guise of chastity and purity, keeps the woman far from so many human perfections and virtues.

Many are of the opinion that the Muslim woman has only two alternatives before her, and she has no choice but to select one of them: either to surrender to the western debauchery or to stay secluded in her house deprived of all human perfections and sublimities.

Perusing attentively the main sources of religion “the Qur’an and Prophetic Sunnah” will lay before us an intermediate way, neither that seduction nor this petrifaction “tahajjur”, neither that libertinism nor this seclusion.

Islam, according to genuine texts, presents a portrayal of the woman, proving her to be a human being, but not a man, as the man being also a human being but not

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