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In the name of Allah , The Beneficent , the Merciful

We have seen many a nation and person who apparently lived under certain conditions , yet we witnessed how selected individuals or groups among them excelled and took the lead in the field of civilization .

Among these groups are those who abandoned thinking and adopted the habit of blaming every event in their lives on “luck” . When these groups face any situation which requires them to reflect , they simply say :

“It is our luck ! ”

“Amazing how coincidences occur ! ”

“Strange is this life , no one can violate its rules” ! !

Yet if we take some time to reflect on this issue , we discover that neither luck nor coincidences are factors in causing failure; the most vital factor which mainly causes failure is ill manners . Germany , for example , after WWII was nothing more than a handful of ashes and debris . Today , Germany is one of the leading industrial nations . Experts credit this unprecedented advancement to the sense of responsibility and control which the Germans felt thereafter; not that they have better minds or are more creative than other nations . Thus , it is most accurate to say that the advancement of any nations , including material advancement , is reliant upon its good conduct and morality . This fact has been established throughout history , removing any doubt that social conduct is a factor in the future of civilizations .

On the other hand we

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