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Yazid was Never Amirul Muminin


Author(s): Sheikh Abdillahi Nassir

Translator(s): Mohamed Raza Dungersi. Ph D.

Publisher(s): Bilal Muslim Mission of Kenya

Category: Early Islamic History

Topic Tags: Ruler Shia Yazeed Innovation

Language: Husse


This book corrects the claim made by those who say Yazid was Amirul Muminin (Commander of the believers), with proofs and evidence from the traditions (ahadith) of the Prophet (s) and the books of prominent Muslim scholars.


“We are the slaves of Yazid and it is entirely upon him to either give back our freedom or sell us in the slave-market”

The people of Madina were forced to repeat the above words as a sign of accepting the rule of Yazid who reigned from 680 CE to 683 CE. Those who resisted had their heads chopped off.

The army of Yazid invaded Madina and Makka, the two holy cities of Islam.

Openly and publicly, Yazid rejected the belief in the Prophet of Islam. He mocked the Day of Judgement, made fun of the daily prayers (salat), wine being his drink and chess gambling was his favorite pastime at all times. He committed indecent acts even with his stepmothers and aunts. Does a person of this character and behaviour deserve to be called Amirul Mu’minin (Commander of the Faithful)?

This book is a translation of the original title Yazid Hakuwa Amirul Muminin authored in Kiswahili by Sheikh Abdillahi Nassir.

In this book Sheikh Abdillahi Nassir corrects the claim made by the Wahhabis that Yazid was Amirul Muminin, with proofs and evidence from the traditions (ahadith) of

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