God and His Attributes: lessons on Islamic doctrine

  • God and His Attributes: lessons on Islamic doctrine
God and His Attributes: lessons on Islamic doctrine
Author(s): Sayyid Mujtaba Musawi Lari
Translator(s): Hamid Algar
Publisher(s): Islamic Education Center
Congress Classification: BP۲۱۷/۲/م ۸خ ۴۰۴۹۵۲ ۱۳۶۸
Dewey Classification: ۲۹۷ /۴۲
National bibliography numbers: م ۸۲-۱۲۷۹۲
Category: God His Attributes
Topic Tags: Tawheed Tawhid Predestination Attributes Free Will Miscellaneous information: For free literature by Sayyid Lari, please visit: www.musavilari.org
Person Tags: God Allah
This book Contains these titles:
BOOK ID؛ point؛ About the Author؛ Lesson 1: The Development of Beliefs Through Ages؛ Lesson 2: The Depth of Mans being Impel Him to Seek God؛ Lesson 3: God and Empirical Logic؛ Lesson 4: Belief in the Reality of the Unseen Involves More than God؛ Lesson 5: The Manifestations of God in Nature؛ Lesson 6: The Need of the World for One Without Need؛ Lesson 7: The Finiteness of the Chain of Causality؛ Lesson 8: Pseudo-Scientific Demagoguery؛ Lesson 9: How does the Qur’an Present God؛ Lesson 10: The Conditions for an Ideal Object of Worship؛ Lesson 11: The Incomparability of the Divine Attributes؛ Lesson 12: The Infinite Power of God؛ Lesson 13: The Boundless Knowledge of God؛ Lesson 14: Opinions Concerning God’s Justice؛ Lesson 15: An Analysis of Misfortune and Hardship؛ Lesson 16: Hardship, A Cause of Awakening؛ Lesson 17: Some Aspects of Inequality؛ Lesson 18: A General View of the Problem؛ Lesson 19: Free Will؛ Lesson 20: The Form of God’s Will and Volition؛ Lesson 21: An Improper Interpretation of Faith and Destiny
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M 82-12792
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