Principles of Upbringing Children

  • Principles of Upbringing Children
Principles of Upbringing Children
Author(s): Ayatullah Ibrahim Amini
Publisher(s): Ansariyan Publications - Qum
Category: Education Family Kids Corner Youth
Topic Tags: principles Upbringing of Children Hadith Quran
This book Contains these titles:
ID book؛ point؛ The Translator’s Note؛ Foreword؛ Chapter 1: The Parents Responsibility؛ Chapter 2: The Knowledge and Mutual Co-Operation of the Educators؛ Chapter 3: Training through Deeds, not Just Talk؛ Chapter 4: Abstain from Domestic Differences؛ Chapter 5: Starting Life as a Mother؛ Chapter 6: Welfare of the Embryo (foetus) Depends on the Mothers Nutrition؛ Chapter 7: The Effects of the Mothers Nutrition on the Foetus؛ Chapter 8: The Mothers Nutrition؛ Chapter 9: Consuming Tobacco؛ Chapter 10: When Pregnant Women Fall ill؛ Chapter 11: Effect of the Psychological Condition of the Mother on the Embryo؛ Chapter 12: An Advice to Pregnant Women؛ Chapter 13: Clean Environment؛ Chapter 14: Miscarriage؛ Chapter 15: Difficult Deliveries؛ Chapter 16: After the Birth؛ Chapter 17: Mother’s Milk, The Best Nutrition؛ Chapter 18: Supplement the Mothers Milk؛ Chapter 19: Weaning from Mothers Milk؛ Chapter 20: The Schedule of Breast Feeding؛ Chapter 21: If the Mother is Deficient in Milk؛ Chapter 22: Weaning the Child؛ Chapter 23: Daughter or Son؛ Chapter 24: Naming the Child؛ Chapter 25: Health and Hygiene؛ Chapter 26: The Childs Sleep and Freedom of Movement؛ Chapter 27: The Most Delicate Period of Life؛ Chapter 28: The New-born and Moral Up-bringing؛ Chapter 29: Religious Upbringing of the New Born؛ Chapter 30: The Sense of Belonging؛ Chapter 31: When the Child Starts to See the World around Him؛ Chapter 32: Affection؛ Chapter 33: The Expression of Love and Affection؛ Chapter 34: Love, Not an Instrument of Convenience؛ Chapter 35: Love Should not become a Hindrance to Good Upbringing؛ Chapter 36: The Spoilt Child؛ Chapter 37: Sucking of Thumbs؛ Chapter 38: Fear؛ Chapter 39: Play and Recreation؛ Chapter 40: Conceit or Pride؛ Chapter 41: Taqlid or Emulation؛ Chapter 42: Search for Truth؛ Chapter 43: Self Confidence؛ Chapter 44: Independence؛ Chapter 45: Stubbornness؛ Chapter 46: Work and Performance of Duties؛ Chapter 47: Straightforwardness؛ Chapter 48: Keeping Promises؛ Chapter 49: Ownership؛ Chapter 50: Magnanimity؛ Chapter 51: A Helping Hand in Good Work؛ Chapter 52: Humanness and Children؛ Chapter 53: Justice and Equality؛ Chapter 54: Respect for the Children؛ Chapter 55: Self-Assessment and Meaningful Existence؛ Chapter 56: The Income of the Household and Expenses؛ Chapter 57: Respect for the Law؛ Chapter 58: Respect؛ Chapter 59: Theft and Kleptomania؛ Chapter 60: Jealousy؛ Chapter 61: Anger؛ Chapter 62: Tongue Lashing and Impertinence؛ Chapter 63: Backbiting or Carrying Words؛ Chapter 64: Fault Finding؛ Chapter 65: Children’s Quarrels؛ Chapter 66: Friends and Friendship؛ Chapter 67: The Child and Theological Education؛ Chapter 68: The Child and the Religious Duties؛ Chapter 69: Political and Social Thinking؛ Chapter 70: The Child and the Radio and Television؛ Chapter 71: The Gender Problems؛ Chapter 72: The Habit of Reading Books؛ Chapter 73: Physically Handicapped Children؛ Chapter 74: Physical Punishment؛ Chapter 75: Non Physical Punishments؛ Chapter 76: Encouragement and Reward
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