Questions on Jurisprudence

  • Questions on Jurisprudence
Questions on Jurisprudence
Author(s): Abdul Husayn Sharafuddin al-Musawi
Translator(s): Liyakatali Takim
Publisher(s): Hydery Canada Ltd
Category: Islamic Laws
Topic Tags: Laws Practices Prayers Wudhu Shiism Miscellaneous information: Published by
Hydery Canada Ltd
76 Howden Road,
Scarborough, Ontario, Canada M1R 3E4
ISBN 0 9698194 2 0
First Published 1996
This book Contains these titles:
ID book؛ point؛ Translator's Introduction؛ About the Author؛ Chapter One: Combining The Two Prayers؛ Chapter Two: Is The Basmala A Qur'anic Verse? Is It To Be Recited In The Prayer?؛ Chapter Three: The Taqsir of the Traveller and his Iftar؛ Chapter Four: ‘Mut'a’, Temporary Marriage؛ Chapter Five: The Wiping or Washing of the Feet in the ‘Wudhu’ (Ablution)؛ Chapter Six: The Wiping of the Ears and the Six Different Derivatives
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