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What A Muslim Should Know and Believe

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Brief introduction

This is an English booklet written by "Allamah Sayyid Saeed Akhtar Rizvi". It's publisher is "Bilal Muslim Mission of Tanzania". The author argues about miscellaneous topcis about Islam.

Contents in brief

This text, although brief and simple, is a comprehensive and detailed exposition of the main articles of Faith and all the dos and don’ts of Islam. This booklet will serve as a guide to those parents whose children are reaching the age of maturity, as well as to those missionaries who bring someone into the fold of true Islam. It would show them the minimum that their wards should believe in and act upon the moment they become baligh or are converted.

Every Muslim has to practice and gain knowledge in three parts: Usul al-deen, Furu' al-deen and Ethics.

Fundamental beliefs are called Usul al-deen, i.e. Roots of Religion. The Usul al-deen are five: Three are called Roots of Islam. They are:

(1) Tawhid, Belief in oneness of God;

(2) Nubuwwat, Belief in the Prophets;

(3) Qiyamat, 'Belief in the Day of Judgement.

The remaining two Usul al-deen are called Usul al-Iman, Roots of Faith. They are:

(1) 'Adl, Justice of God and

(2) Imamat, the successorship of the Prophet.

A person believing in all five Usul al-deen is called Shi'a Ithna 'ashariyah.

Furu' al-deen deeds are what every Muslim should do and they are Wajib(obligatory), like: prayer, fast, hajj, zakah, jihad, enjoining good and prohibiting evil.

Ethics are virtue of truth, patience, contentedness; doing good to parents, relatives and neighbors. Evil of lie, back-biting, miserliness and disobedience of parents, besides many other virtuous and evil deeds well-known in Muslim society.


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